Will positive thinking heal my trauma?


Will positive thinking heal my trauma?

Healing past trauma is not as simple as thinking positive thoughts. Re-training our negative thought patterns to positive thought patterns is certainly an important part of the healing process and moving forward to a happier more positive time in life, however, identifying and targeting the root cause of the trauma is key to really allow us to FEEL – HEAL – RELEASE our past experiences! If we just “fluff” around the trauma instead of targeting it head-on, the issue won’t go away- it will just be a bandaid, temporary fix until the next trigger presents itself. 

Thinking positive thoughts instead of negative thoughts is a powerful tool – I am not denying this at all. Training ourselves to be in the present moment, happy and vibrating frequencies of love is a far better option than stress, anxiety, and fear. However, will you be able to keep up the positive thought processes if the underlying issue as to why you’re experiencing these issues isn’t fixed? And are the positive thoughts genuine or are they forced and deep down, unbelieved? 

Just because we think positive thoughts, doesn’t mean everything will fall into place and all our problems will go away. Traumatic experiences affect us emotionally, mentally, physically. Childhood trauma can actually affect the way our bodies and organs develop and in some cases, reduce life span. 

Positive thinking is definitely a fantastic step in the right direction toward healing. Positive thought processes are something I assist women in my course achieve as a part of their healing program. It alone is not enough to heal the damage caused by trauma, especially childhood trauma. It is something I had to learn over and over again before I understood this while healing from my childhood trauma. Healing from trauma is possible with the combination of trauma therapy, positive re-programming, healthy mind, body, and soul connection. 

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