What is EFT and how can it help me?


What is EFT and how can it help me?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is as if acupuncture and neuroscience had a baby! You might know of it as tapping or like needless acupuncture. 

It’s a form of therapy which combines talk, neuro-linguistic programming, acupuncture, TFT and energy medicine. 

You tap on pressure points on the hand, face, head and upper torso while talking about an emotional problem. By doing this, you allow the emotions and feelings to come forward while telling your fight or flight system within your body that you’re ok and it is safe to let them go! 

It reduces your stress and anxiety around the problem, allowing you to feel calm and less affected by it. EFT takes away the negative emotion to a memory, trauma, event, feeling, experience so it is no longer a threat to you. 

The amygdala is the stress centre of the brain and the hippocampus is the memory centre which works together to decide if something is a threat or not. Tapping while saying words and phrases linked to the trauma or pain point disassociates the negative emotion with the memory, and as a result, takes away its power. 

Through EFT you can release your internal blocks, both physical and mental, and kiss anxiety goodbye.

EFT has positive effects on the body’s nervous system, DNA regulation, stress hormones, and brain activity. 

It works to lower stress hormones which increase immune function. As we all know, stress and anxiety have negative effects on our whole body both physically and mentally. Stress decreases immune function and EFT assists in increasing immune function by reducing stress hormones. 

EFT aids in brain activation which allows us to think a lot clearer and free up some space within us so we can make better decisions. Most of my clients say that after one session they feel lighter, less heavy and their brain fog has cleared. 

Through EFT, we can address a range of problems a person may be struggling with, from complex emotional challenges, food cravings, eating disorders, trauma, substance addictions (alcohol and drugs), fears, life blocks, self-sabotaging behaviours, negative thought processes and more. Even if you’re not sure what is causing you distress or why you’re feeling blah, EFT will assist in uncovering why. It is also a powerful way to safely heal childhood trauma.

During the sessions, you can:

  • Change unwanted responses to various emotional triggers 
  • No longer feel a negative emotional connection to your concern
  • Transform beliefs that do not serve you 
  • Reprogram yourself for greater happiness and success 

During the session, we focus on your initial concern, identify the root cause and connection to your history as well as locating where you’re holding onto it in your body (for example; you might feel tightness in your back or knots in your stomach). We then focus on positive affirmations on what you would like to change, altering the negative thought process or limiting beliefs to positive ones. 

Each round of tapping may take between 3-5 minutes and the number of rounds of tapping will depend on how deep your emotional pain point runs. Typically, my clients find that after 1-3 rounds of tapping, their initial concern does not bother them anymore. 

Heal your life and achieve happiness. 

To learn more about Emotional Freedom Technique, I highly recommend reading “The Science Behind Tapping” By Peta Stapleton. 

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